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Help - Enrollment Process

Below are FAQs and topics related to enrolling locations on My Merck Accounts.
 How do I know that Merck received my contract enrollment request?
Once you submit your enrollment, you will receive an e-mail notification informing you Merck has received your request. The e-mail will be sent to the address provided in your user profile.
 After I enroll, when will I receive pricing?
Please refer to the contract Terms and Conditions language for estimated timing. You will receive an e-mail notification informing you of your enrollment’s acceptance or denial.
 How do I know if I am not eligible for a program/contract?
Generally, contracts will be viewable to you based on your locations facility type and GPO. However, you will receive an e-mail notification informing you of your enrollment’s acceptance or denial and reason why.
 I am enrolling into a Hospital program contract, and I am not sure what is meant by aggregation, formulary, formulary and protocol, and grace period request.
It is important that you choose the appropriate options for your contract enrollments. Please refer to your Terms and Conditions and discuss these selections with your Merck representative.
 Can a location be enrolled in multiple contracts?
Locations can be enrolled in multiple contracts, as appropriate, for the different product programs available to them across both pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
 Why is a certain contract I’m looking to enroll not available for my location?
If the specific contract you desire is not available for selection, then please check the contract eligibility rules. Contract eligibility is based on the location’s GPO and facility type. If you still have problems, please discuss this situation with your Merck representative or call the My Merck Accounts Customer Center at 1-833-MYMERCK (1-833-696-3725).
 My wholesaler states they have not received notification from Merck. Have you extended pricing to my wholesaler?
Once Merck approves your enrollment and you are added to the requested enrollment program, an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) notification of your eligibility start date and pricing discount is sent to the approved physician distributor/wholesaler.
 Can users add multiple DEA for one account?
No. There is currently only one DEA field under each location.
 What is the time lag between updating information on site and availability?
Changes to many data fields are immediately visible on the site. New requests, such as locations add/changes and enrollments must be approved by Merck eligibility analyst and will take longer based on the complexity of the request and current capacity; however, the goal is to turnaround requests faster than we do today.
 Is it an issue if the wholesaler has a different DEA for a location compared to Merck’s records?
This portal does not identify any DEA mis-matches; however, DEA numbers can be modified on the site.
 I'm a GPO customer and I don't know my GPO identifier, will that be an issue?
No. GPO identifiers are not requested on this site.
 Can HIN (Health Industry Number) be used instead of DEA?
Either the HIN or DEA number can be used and only one is required.
 Once my application is completed, am I immediately eligible for contracted prices?
All requests must first be approved by Merck eligibility analyst to take effect. Once approved, you will receive pricing based on the Terms and Conditions of that particular contract.
 Can I enroll without knowing my DEA, HIN, 340B numbers?
No. To enroll, you must have a DEA, HIN, or 340B ID. These are required to verify an eligible location.
 Where is Merck getting my DEA/HIN/340B information?
Merck uses DEA/HIN/340B identification numbers based on what a customer has provided previously either on an enrollment or what a wholesaler has provided on a chargeback. Merck verifies whether these IDs are correct and adds to the customer’s account as appropriate. If what was provided is not correct, Merck will use additional resources to find the correct identifier and add it as appropriate.
 I see that I am eligible for other contracts on this site. Can I get some information on those?
Please contact your Merck representative or GPO for more information on Merck programs.
 Before I enroll in this Merck contract, I would like to see a price grid, where can I see one?
Please refer to your Terms and Conditions, Merck representative, or GPO for specific information regarding contracts.
 Before I enroll I have a question about the products themselves, where can I get information?
Please visit our various Merck websites, located at the top of the MyMerckAccounts.com web pages (under “Explore Merck”) to find appropriate product information, or contact your Merck representative.
 My DEA/HIN/340B number I use with my wholesaler is not showing up at all on this site, how can I correct?
DEA/HIN/340B numbers can be added/updated through the “Manage Locations” tab.
 The contract my representative/GPO told me I was eligible for is not appearing on this site, who can I talk to?
Not all contracts are available on this site. Please double check your facility type and GPO selections and refer to the contract Terms and Conditions for eligibility requirements. You may also contact the MyMerckAccounts Customer Center at 1-833-MYMERCK(1-833-696-3725)

* The MMA Registration Code is located in the individual’s Account Profile page