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Help – General Questions

Below are FAQs and topics related to general questions for My Merck Accounts.
 What is the purpose of My Merck Accounts?
The site is intended to easily view and enroll facilities in Merck Contract Programs and maintain profile, account, and location information associated with your organization. This site also allows you to apply for or manage direct purchasing accounts, e.g. modify/add shipping addresses. Updates made by direct purchasing customers will be automatically reflected on other Merck portals, including merckvaccines.com and merckorders.com.
 Is this portal for direct and indirect purchasing customers?
Yes. Currently, the My Merck Accounts portal is used by customers who order direct (purchase directly from Merck) and indirectly (purchase through a distributor or wholesaler) and want to enroll into a Merck contract. Contract enrollments for both direct and indirect purchasing customers (that require a Merck enrollment form) are completed on this site.
 Is the portal for all Merck contracts?
The portal is for most Merck pharmaceutical and vaccine contracts. A list of contracts that the customer is eligible for will be listed on the site.
 Do I need to obtain and reference the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) when enrolling into contracts on MyMerckAccounts.com?
You must receive the Terms and Conditions prior to enrolling into a contract for the first time on this site. The site will ask you for the version date of the contract T&Cs, so please have it available.
 Where can user obtain Terms and Conditions for each available contract?
Terms and Conditions must originally be obtained from a Merck representative or the customer’s GPO. Only after they are approved for a specific contract, will the appropriate T&Cs be available on the site for the customer to view.
 Will the user get confirmations when enrollment and account modifications have been submitted?
Yes. Once you submit your enrollment, you will receive an e-mail notification informing you that Merck has received your request. The e-mail will be sent to the address provided in your user profile. Customer will receive an e-mail whenever their information changes or new enrollments are requested. An e-mail will also be sent once activities are approved or denied. Any request that was not approved will result in an e-mail with a corresponding reason. Note that we will only send e-mails to the address on file, so if a third party is working on behalf of a customer, only the third party will receive communications.
 Can I explore other available contracts on this site? Is the user able to switch contracts after enrollment?
Yes, contract visibility on this site is based on eligibility requirements; customers do have the ability to modify their contract enrollments after the enrollment process.
 I would like to provide feedback for this site, where can I do this?
Merck customers can provide feedback to their representatives or by calling their My Merck Account Customer Center at 1-833-MYMERCK (1-833-696-3725). Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM. to 7:00 PM. ET.
 Is my information safe with this site?
Customer Information is only used to help facilitate the enrollment of your locations into Merck Contract Programs. Please refer to our Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the Home Page for more information.
 If I have a direct purchasing account with Merck, and make modifications in My Merck Accounts, will my location changes on this portal also change my purchasing location addresses?
Yes. As long as the user is linked to the appropriate Direct Purchase Account (DPA), the direct purchasing customer can change location information on this site directly. Changes will be reflected to merckvaccines.com and merckorders.com automatically.

* The MMA Registration Code is located in the individual’s Account Profile page