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Help – Specific FAQs for GPO Organizations, PO and IPN Administrators

Below are FAQs and topics related to enrolling locations on My Merck Accounts.

GPO Organizations/PO/IPN Administrators

Below are FAQs and topics related to GPO/PO/IPN administrators on My Merck Accounts.

GPO Organizations

 What are my capabilities on the new site?
GPO organizations can use the “Manage Locations” tab to view all of its GPO members currently enrolled in their Merck contracts. GPO organizations can also view locations that are enrolled into specific GPO programs by using the “Manage Contracts” tab.
 Can a GPO organization enroll member locations into contracts on this site?
No. Not at this time. GPOs cannot enroll location or modify member location information.
 Can a GPO see customers enrolled in a specific contract?
GPOs can only see their members that have enrolled in their GPO specific contracts. This would include any GPO specific vaccine or pharmaceutical product program. There is an export button on the “Manage Locations” tab that allows you to download all your locations. If you wish to view or download locations on specific contracts, you can select the contract under the “Manage Contracts” tab to view the locations enrolled in that contract. Select the EXPORT button to export these locations into an Excel spreadsheet.
For GPO programs, no parent/child relationships are shown except for aggregations made by System Name.

PO Administrators

 Can I see current/expired dates for locations on the PO Roster?
For PO locations, contract start and expired dates are shown for member locations. Navigate to the Manage Contract tab and click on the desired location. Contract start and expired dates will be visible on the contract detail for that location.
 How do I update my member roster?
Memberships can be updated using the bulk upload feature within the “Manage Locations” tab.
 Can I search my members based on their MemberName ID?
Yes. MemberName ID is a search attribute.
 How can I view the System that a location belongs to?
For PO programs, System Names are shown when locations are aggregated.

For IPN Administrators

 How do I update my IPN membership roster?
Memberships can be updated using the bulk upload feature under the “Manage Locations” tab.

* The MMA Registration Code is located in the individual’s Account Profile page