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Below are FAQs and topics related to site navigation on My Merck Accounts.
 How can I add and enroll multiple locations at one time?
You can enroll multiple locations at once using the bulk upload feature. Once loaded, you will automatically be prompted to confirm the contracts via the “Manage Contracts” tab. Simply locate the contract you wish to enroll under “Manage Contracts” and select locations added for enrollment.
 How can I retrieve a listing of all locations on contract?
There is an export button in the “Manage Locations” tab that allows you to download all your locations and their enrollments into an Excel spreadsheet. If you wish to download locations on a specific contract, you can select the contract under the “Managed Contracts” tab, select the desired contract and hit “export.” It will export to an Excel spreadsheet.
 Where can I locate the template for bulk upload (to load multiple locations at once)?
The bulk upload template will only be provided on the My Merck Accounts site. Members can download the template at any time to share with others. It is found under the “Manage Locations” tab.
 Can I see my enrollment request date, and contract start date?
Yes. Contract start dates, end dates, and submitted dates are shown on this site.
 Can a user see/set-up site parent to child relationship?
In our portal, all locations are considered “children” of the “parent” account or organization. For aggregated contracts, system names may also be viewed as a parent/child relationship.
 What contracts will be visible on the site for a given account/location?
All eligible contracts are available for the account locations, based on their GPOs and facility types. Most pharmaceutical and vaccine product programs are included.
 Can I make a GPO change for all locations using the bulk upload function of the site?
Yes. Simply download the Excel template associated with the bulk upload function. Enter all impacted locations into the Excel template with the new GPO selected. Then upload. The system will recognize the GPO change and will prompt a Merck Analyst to validate the GPO membership and convert existing contract enrollment to similar contracts with the new GPO.
 How do I make an address change if a site closes or relocates?
All locations can be edited in the “Manage Locations” tab.
 How can I remove a location from my account?
Go to the “Manage Locations” tab in My Merck Accounts. Select the location you wish to delete. Click on the “Remove Location” tab. This will unlink this location from your account.
 How can I add a location to my account?
Go to the “Manage Locations” tab in My Merck Accounts. There is an “add location” button to add locations one at a time and a “bulk upload” button to add multiple locations to the portal.
 How can I see a location(s) linked to my account?
Go to the “Manage Locations” tab in My Merck Accounts. All locations will be listed. If a search page comes up, please select 'Show all Locations'.
 How can I see a location(s) enrolled in a contract?
Go to the Manage Contracts tab in My Merck Accounts and find the appropriate contract. Clicking on the contract name will bring up all locations enrolled in that contract.
 How can I see locations in my system not attached to my account?
If these are locations that are already on a Merck contract but not listed, you will need to “link” them. Click on the “Connect Location” button and search for your location using it’s DEA or HIN. If it is a location that is not currently on a Merck contract, you can add them using the “Add Location” or “Bulk Upload” tab.
 How can I see locations in my systems that are not currently enrolled in a contract?
All eligible contracts are displayed in the Manage Contract tab. If you select a contract/pricing program and then select ‘Show All Locations’. You will view all eligible locations for that contract/pricing program. If you scroll to the right, you will see the enrollment status. Simply scroll down to see any locations not enrolled (blank status).
 How can I select only locations that are enrolled in a specific contract?
Go to the “Manage Contracts” tab in My Merck Accounts and find the appropriate contract. Clicking on the contract name will bring up all locations eligible for that contract. Those with a start date are enrolled.
 How can I see contracts that a specific location is eligible for?
Go to the “Manage Locations” tab. Select the specific location you wish to view. The list of current and eligible contracts are shown on “View this Location” page. Those with a start date are enrolled.
 How can I change a contract(s) for a specific location(s)?
Go to the “Manage Locations” tab. Select the desired location. In the “View this Location” page, there is an “update contract for this location” button. This will allow you to add/remove or change attributes for various eligible contracts.

* The MMA Registration Code is located in the individual’s Account Profile page