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Help - Site Registration/Account Setup

Below are FAQs and topics related to registering and setting up account information on My Merck Accounts.

Registration Process

 If I already have a user name/password with other Merck sites, can I use it for MyMerck Accounts?
Users of merckconnect.com, merckvaccines.com, merckorders.com, and a few other Merck sites will be able to use their Single Sign-On profiles to log into MyMerckAccounts.com. The same email/password can be used across all sites.
 I'm a previous user of MyMerckAccounts.com; why was my user name changed? Why do I need to reset my password?
All users of MyMerckAccounts.com were migrated to a new Single Sign-On method as part of an update in February 2020. This will allow you to use the same email address and password across multiple websites, and to automatically log you in to MyMerckAccounts.com if you are already logged in to another Merck site that uses this Single Sign-On process (eg, merckconnect.com, merckvaccines.com, and merckorders.com). If you are logging in for the first time after this update, you will be prompted to reset your password, and an email from Merck will be sent to your email address.
 I'm logged into another Merck site that uses Single Sign-On. Why am I not automatically logged in?
You will still need to click Login. After clicking Login, you will not need to enter in your email address and password and will be automatically redirected to the home screen.
 I’ve already enrolled my sites on a contract, will my Merck representative or Merck pre-load this information into the portal for me?
Most customers will need to “link” their current locations to their user account when they register using their location DEA numbers, HINs, 340B IDs, Member Name ID or Direct Purchase Account (DPA) number. When using DPA number, all locations associated with that account will appear for selection.
 I started my registration, but did not get an e-mail to complete the registration process. What should I do?
Please check your spam/junk mail folder for your Email Address Verification email From Merck. You need this email to complete your registration. If you still cannot find the Email Address Verification email, go back to the "sent email" page and request the verification email be resent.
 I am unable to log into MyMerckAccounts.com – what should I do?
To reset your Single Sign-On password, please click on "Forgot your password" link, then provide the email address you registered with. You will receive an email from Merck with a link to reset your password. If you continue to have problems logging in, please contact the technical support line for login and registration issues at 1-800-489-5119.

Account Setup

 Why do I need to “link” locations to my account?
As you initially set up your account, you are given the opportunity to simply “link” current locations already on Merck Contracts to your view using DEA, HIN, 340B IDs, Member Name IDs and Direct Purchasing Account numbers. This allows you to immediately view current contract enrollments on these locations. You may subsequently use the bulk upload process to link these existing locations as well.
 What if I cannot find a location using my identifiers through the linking process?
Please try all location identifiers to find your location. Some locations have multiple DEA numbers and all should have a HIN (Health Industry Number). We are matching your entries to the identifiers in our system, which, for the most part, were provided by your organization when you originally enrolled.
 My organization has already been set up by another user, can I get access to the same account with the same locations?
Yes. Please get your organization’s My Merck Accounts (MMA) Registration Code and enter it into the appropriate space provided on the “Connect Your Locations/Account” page. This page automatically presents itself upon first time login. You will need to get the My Merck Accounts (MMA) Registration Code (MMA ID) from the other user in your organization. They will find it on the Account Profile page.
 The name you have linked to my DEA/HIN/340B is incorrect, how do I fix this?
You can modify the location name, address or identifer under the “Manage Location” tab.
 Do I need to create an Account Profile?
It is recommended that you create an Account Profile; however, it helps group your locations to an organization (defining a hierarchy). It is also needed to obtain a My Merck Accounts (MMA) Registration Code (MMA ID). The MMA ID is necessary for other users to link to the same organization.
 Can I create a customized view of only certain locations I want to track?
Yes. Simply show all locations in the “Manage Locations” tab and select the locations you want to track. Then hit the “Save My Selection” button.
 How do I update My Merck Accounts e-mail address and/or user information?
Email addresses and user information can be modified under the "Profile Settings" page, accessed by clicking on your name in the upper-right hand corner. To update account information: go to the "Account Profile" tab to update account specific information. Go to the "Manage Location" tab to update location information.
 What information do I need before I can start enrolling offices in a contract using this portal?
You need the authority to enroll locations into contracts for your organization. You will also need an internet connection, an e-mail address, and a valid DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency number) or HIN (Health Industry Number) for each location you wish to enroll. Also, you need to have a copy of the Terms and Conditions for a first time enrollment. Terms and Conditions will be provided by your Merck representative or contract administrator.

* The MMA Registration Code is located in the individual’s Account Profile page